This TRD + MAD works but falls short on comfort.

No adjustability and the tongue suppressor make swallowing difficult with this snore device.

The Zyppah is a brand name product, but not the best option for most snorers.

The Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece has been getting a lot of attention in the dental and health markets recently. Therefore, since snoring is our business, the team from Snore Devices decided to give the Zyppah a test run.

Dual-Design Purpose

The Zyppah is an anti-snoring device that claims to be a step ahead of the standard mouthpiece. It boasts an innovate design that works differently from any mouthpiece on the market.

Most of the mouthpieces available on the market are Mandibular Advancing Devices or MADs. They move your jaw forward to open your airway at night.

The second type of mouthpiece is the Tongue Stabilizing Device or TSD. A TSD does just what it says. It stabilizes the tongue to prevent it from slipping back into the throat and obstructing the airways while you sleep.

The Zyppah combines both snoring solutions into one nifty device, which is why we can classify it as a hybrid oral appliance. A hybrid mouthpiece is especially helpful when you don’t know exactly why you snore. Is it an obstructed airway? Or a narrow airway? It could even be both.

The MAD Side of Zyppah

The MAD-type functionality of the Zyppah gently adjusts your lower jaw, moving it forward enough to open your airway while you sleep.

The forward positioning is like what we see in other devices, but there is one major difference: The Zyppah doesn’t have a calibration mechanism to fine-tune the level of adjustment on the lower jaw portion.

The lack of calibration means that we couldn’t adjust the device by the tiny measure that some snorers might need to achieve the perfect fit. While it wasn’t an issue for our testers, it may be a problem for those who need more or less jaw advancement than the Zyppah has to offer.

If the calibration is slightly out and you can’t adjust it, then two things might happen. It might cause discomfort if your jaw is more advanced than the device. For those whose jaws are not advanced far enough to fit into the device, then it won’t clear your airways enough to prevent snoring.

Of course, these scenarios only apply to the minority of customers since the device fits the average mouth size perfectly. None of us experienced any of these potential problems.

The TSD Function

The TSD-type function of Zyppah stabilizes your tongue in the correct position throughout the night so that it cannot obstruct your airway to cause snoring. We liked the fact that it does not use a suction bulb. Instead, the device uses a Snoring Eliminator tongue elastic or “tongue strap” to hold the tongue in place. The strap is very soft and surprisingly comfortable. This innovative little addition to the device is the patented invention of a dentist with a biomedical engineering degree, and it works!

We tried various sleep positions, and the Snoring Eliminator did not budge. Therefore, we concluded that the Zyppah seems to stabilize your tongue in a forward position regardless of your sleep position. This is especially good news to those who are restless sleepers or who like to sleep on their backs.

The rubber-like strap is the most distinguishable feature that sets the Zyppah apart from its competitors. No other anti-snoring mouthpiece on the market has this dual feature, and it is definitely at least one reason to consider buying the device.


Anti-snoring mouthpieces are not the best when it comes to making a fashion statement, so we applaud Zyppah for making an extra effort in the design department.

While most of us really like the sporty black and neon look, one or two testers still preferred the clear, subtler look that other brands offer.

We reviewed the popular black and green device, but you could also order the pink or camo-colored versions that both offer the same performance.

So, the bold aesthetics were considered both a pro and con, depending on our testers’ personal preference. While the overall look does not win you any Prom Queen points, it certainly does check the box for modern and trendy.


For the most part, our overall impression is a positive one. The device is durable but still small and lightweight when compared to some of the bulky devices that we’ve tested. It fits the teeth as it needs to and keeps the tongue where it should be. It allows you to breathe easily and get better quality rest while you sleep.

The material is comfortable, but we have heard that it’s not as durable as some of the materials being used in newer mouthpiece brands. We consider this hearsay, since we haven’t had an opportunity to test its durability, but it is something to keep in mind.

We found the device very easy to insert and remove, so you don’t have to worry about slipping it out for a sip of water during the night. We liked the airflow hole that allows you to breathe through your mouth. This is important when you’re suffering from allergies or any other condition that restricts breathing through the nose.

Although the device itself is comfortable, some people might find that it takes a few nights to get used to sleeping with their jaw in a fixed position. We suspect this is only true for newcomers to the mouthpiece experience. The trick is to relax and not to fight the positioning of the unit. Although it’s not uncomfortable or painful, it is an adjustment that may take you a few nights to get used to.

Those of us who tested for snoring effectiveness found that either there was no snoring at all or that the snoring was significantly reduced on the first night and improved during the week.

The success of this device lies in its fixed design. To not have full movement of your jaw during sleep is a small price to pay when you compare it to the health issues that snoring can cause.


You can custom-mold the device at home to achieve a comfortable fit. Each device comes with a comprehensive, easy-to-follow instruction manual. All we needed to adjust each device was a cup of boiling water, a cup of cold water, and some tongs.

First, use the tongs to hold the Zyppah in the cup of hot water for between 45 and 60 seconds. The heat prepares the pliable composite to create an impression of your teeth. Let it cool for 20 seconds before placing it in your mouth. Position it comfortably, and take a normal-strength bite. Remove the device, and let it lie in cold water for 60 seconds to set the impression.

If at first, you don’t succeed you can try again. The composite allows you to retry the process up to three more times to get the most comfortable fit.

We loved the fact that there is an option to reset the fitting adjustment. It meant that we were less nervous to get it 100% right on the first try. Although, having said this, the process wasn’t difficult, so most of us didn’t have to readjust our fitting.

The few who had to try a second time for a better fit had removed it from the hot water too early during the first fitting. If you have any problems molding the device to the perfect fit within three tries, then the company promises to send you a second device to retry.

We all liked the fact that we could fit the device at home without needing to visit a dentist.

Strong, Natural Teeth

The biggest downfall, according to us, is the fact that your dentist might not allow you to use the device when you have any form of artificial teeth. The mouthpiece puts pressure on your teeth, which is why you shouldn’t use it unless you have a strong set of teeth. Check with your dentist before you buy one if you wear dentures, crowns, bridges, or other forms of artificial teeth.


Cleaning is quick and easy, and you can use a denture tablet with it in the same way you would clean dentures. There are also not a lot of crevices to clean like you’d find on some other devices. The downside of this is that you need to make sure you pack the denture tablets when you travel with your Zyppah.

Carry Case

The device comes in a handy storage case, which is great for moving it around with you and for keeping it sterile after cleaning. The case is small and lightweight but strong enough to help protect your device from damage.

Locally Made

We also like the fact that the product is made in the United States using processes and materials that we know we can trust. The fact that the company is BBB-accredited and FDA-cleared makes us more confident the product won’t lead to any unwanted health issues.


Every Zyppah comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. The manufacturers promise to make the return process a no-fuss, no-questions-asked process resulting in a full refund.

Since we were reviewing our units, none of us intended to return our mouthpieces, so we can’t comment from firsthand experience on this matter. However, we have read user-generated reviews elsewhere of the return process being more difficult than they expected, so keep that in mind if you decide to buy this device.

The Pros and Cons

Our team of testers put their heads together to come up with the following highlights:


  • Combines the features of a MAD and TSD
  • Relatively comfortable design depending on the size of your lower jaw
  • Comfortable materials
  • At-home fitting process
  • Airflow holes to help you breathe through your mouth while asleep
  • Keeps airways clear during sleep
  • Rubber section across the tongue is comfortable
  • Fitting can be readjusted up to three times
  • Designed by a dentist with degrees in dentistry and biomedical engineering
  • Affiliated with various Snore No More facilities in California
  • Material is BPA-free
  • BBB-accredited
  • FDA-cleared
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • 90-day one-time replacement warranty


  • May cause jaw sensitivity or pain for the first few nights while you get used to the device
  • May cause more excessive drooling for the first few nights
  • Needs denture tablets for daily cleaning
  • Fitting process is very specific and may require a few attempts before getting the perfect fit
  • Can’t be used if you have dentures, crowns, dental bridges, or loose teeth
  • Wearing the device makes it difficult to swallow, which could make it difficult to fall asleep
  • Shouldn’t be used as a sleep apnea device
  • The mouthpiece is available in only one size
  • Lower jaw-piece is not calibrated for precision adjustments
  • The limited adjustment means that it might not meet your individual needs.


Try It for Yourself

Overall, we feel this mouthpiece is an excellent option for most snorers. In our opinion, the Zyppah offers a mix of comfort and effectiveness. Its unique dual-function design makes it one of the more innovative devices we have reviewed. The Zyppah may not work for you if you need special calibration to fit your jaw positioning.

We found the material and design to be very comfortable and appreciated the breath-easy airflow holes, which was a bonus for those of us suffering from allergies. Cleaning is not a hassle so long as you have denture tablets handy.

Some reviews have hinted at the possibility that the material (although comfortable) may not be very durable. Despite potential replacement costs, the Zyppah is still a great value compared to most of the options that dentists may prescribe.

Like any anti-snoring device, the true test is in trying it for yourself.

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